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Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a thermal process in which metals can be cut that cannot be cut with the use other processes, such as oxy-fuel cutting. Of course, plasma cutting is also frequently used to cut steel plates that can be cut using oxy-fuel cutting too. Steel, stainless steel and aluminium are cut using ionized, conductive gas, also known as plasma. Therefore, plasma cutting is a good alternative for oxy-fuel cutting when it comes to these metals. Plasma is created with an electric arc. It is an ionized supplied gas that can melt steel. Thereafter, the steel is melted by the plasma and blown out by a gas jet. This creates a high-quality cut.


The plasma cutting process

With plasma cutting, gas is driven out of the torch nozzle through a small opening. In this process gas and electricity react with each other, which converts the gas into ionized gas. This ionized gas is plasma. A circuit is created between the cutting torch and the material. This electric arc is narrow and stable. Due to the high energy density, the temperature can rise to 20.000 degrees Celsius. This high temperature melts the metal. The plasma gas blows away the molten material. This creates a clear and precise cut of a high quality. During the process burr formation can occur. Therefore, it is important to deburr the metal. In the plasma cutting process no combustion takes place. Therefore, metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, and other high alloyed metals that cannot be cut using oxy-fuel cutting, can be cut using plasma cutting.


Plasma cutting at Avezaat Staal

Avezaat Staal can cut products with a thickness from 3 to 40 millimeters and a maximum size of 24.000 x 4.000 millimeters using plasma cutting. In addition, welding edges, chamfers, and rejuvenations can be applied. Using Hypertherm’s SureCut™ technology high-quality holes can be cut.


Avezaat Staal is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by DNV-GL. Besides, Avezaat Staal is authorized to mark base material with a 3.1 or 3.2 certificate according to EN 10204:2004. This shortens delivery times, reduces costs, and improves traceability of cut products. Additionally, Avezaat Staal features an FPC-certificate according to NEN-EN 1090-1, Execution class 4. This norm describes the requirements set for the way in which the quality of the products is determined.


Before a product is prepared for shipment, it is checked thoroughly to guarantee a high quality. If desired, all products can be supplied with coating or blasting. Products can be delivered on short notice and rush orders can often be executed within 24 hours. Finally, all products can be delivered with the certificates of Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s, and American Bureau of Shipping.


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