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Oxy-fuel cutting

What is oxy-fuel cutting?

Oxy-fuel cutting is a thermal processing method. It has been used for decades to cut products from steel plates in the desired form and size. In the oxy-fuel cutting process the cutting is effected by rapid combustion of the steel plate. After preheating by means of a gas flame, additional oxygen is added to initiate the combusting and blow out the iron oxide, or molten slag. This creates a clean cut.


The oxy-fuel cutting process

With oxy-fuel cutting a steel plate is cut by the use of combustion. For this process, multiple torches can be used. First, material is preheated to just under the melting temperature. Then the cutting starts, and additional oxygen is added. This causes combustion. The combustion forms molten slag that is blown away from the cut. This creates a sharp and precise cut. To create this reaction, it is important that the melting temperature of the slag is lower than the melting temperature of the metal that needs to be cut.


Besides oxygen a flammable gas, such as acetylene, propane, propylene, or natural gas is used to start the cutting process. All these gasses have their own specific characteristics. Therefore, not every gas is suitable for every project. Acetylene is the most used gas, because this gas has the highest combustion temperature. Due to this, the preheating process is shorter, and the cutting speed is higher. This improves the quality of the cut.


Oxy-fuel cutting at Avezaat Staal

Avezaat Staal can cut products with a thickness from 3 to 600 millimeters and a maximum size of 24.000 mm x 4.000 mm using oxy-fuel cutting. They use their multi torch CNC-cutting machines. Therefore, oxy-fuel cutting is very cost efficient. With the multi torch CNC-cutting machine larger series can be cut synchronously with multiple torches at a time. Avezaat Staal can cut synchronously with five torches. Of course, it is possible to apply rejuvenations, welding edges and chamfers. To cut other metals that cannot be cut using oxy-fuel cutting, such as stainless steel, aluminium, and high alloyed steel, Avezaat Staal uses plasma cutting.


Avezaat Staal is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by DNV-GL. Besides, Avezaat Staal is authorized to remark base materials since April 2018. For this, certificate 3.1 or 3.2 according to EN 10204:2004 is taken over on cut products. This means that traceability improves, costs decrease, and delivery times shorten. Finally, Avezaat Staal possesses a certification according to NEN-EN 1090-1, Execution class 4. This norm describes the requirements imposed on the way in which the quality of products is determined.


Every product is examined thoroughly on its quality before preparing for shipment. It is delivered in short notice in the entire Benelux. Rush orders can mostly be executed within 24 hours. All products can be supplied with the certificates of Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s, and American Bureau of Shipping. Furthermore, it is possible to deliver products shot-blasted or coated if desired.


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